Keeping Your Animal Onesie Clean

The top selling animal costume, Kids + Sizes Sized Animal Prints Plus Size (Kigs), has been out of stock for over six months now. Despite numerous requests for a replacement, Disney has yet to approve an alternate costume. The reason behind this delay in approval is due to the high quality kigurumi style that has been discontinued. This means no more Disney characters sold on these costume styles or any other similar character sold on kigs, t-shirts, mens tiger costume, or any other Disney licensed product for children.

So why did the kigurumi onesies get pulled from the shelves? Well the quality of the plush toys sold separately was found to be unsatisfactory by Disney. This, according to their policy, does not allow for their products to be re-sold. If you have a chance, contact Disney about the availability of their plush toys and see if they will consider approving your request to replace the ones you have in stock. Keep in mind that even though your request has been approved, it may take several months before your costume can be shipped.

What is happening with the quality animal kigurumi onesies? Disney is no longer manufacturing this style of plush toy. It is still unknown when they will begin marketing the replacement. It is also not clear whether this style of animal costume will be available at retail locations such as Walmart, Target, and Kmart once again. It is possible that once the quality of the kigurumi ones for kids has been fixed the production will resume, however it is unlikely.

If you do purchase a quality animal kigurumi costume, it is important that you keep it clean. Most of the problems associated with this product stem from the way in which they are machine washable. The best cleaning method for these items is to use a mild detergent. Do not use anything with harsh chemicals, as this may cause the costume to lose its quality. A soft brush should be used to remove any loose dirt or crumbs.

Along with keeping your pet costume clean, there are some other things that you can do to prevent it from looking worn. First, you may wish to give your kitty a bath to remove any loose dirt or dust. When buying your quality animal kigurumi onesies make sure that they come with a set of cat clips. These will attach to the bottom of your pet’s costume, ensuring that it never falls off. The next thing you can do is to tie a piece of ribbon around your wrist. This will ensure that your furry friend always has a way to grab your attention.

Keeping your animal onesie clean, well fed and happy is one of the best things you can do for the animal. Because they are such fun to play with, your kitty will not only enjoy its new costume but will also be very content with its new role as your pet. In order to maintain the quality of your quality animal kigurumi onesies, you may wish to buy a few more sets. This will allow you to continue playing with your pet even when it gets too old!